George Lacewell Exhibit

George Nolan Lacewell was a Texas Ranger.

In 1915, he was assigned to Humble to build a civilian guard to protect property in the oil field. After successfully organizing a civilian guard, Lacewell quit the Texas Rangers and was elected for one term as the local Constable for Humble.

During World War I, the Humble Oil Fields were put under martial law to prevent sabotage. Soldiers from Fort Sam Houston were assigned to the area, and set up their camp in the present-day Belleau Woods neighborhood.

After World War I, the Texas Company convinced Lacewell to stay on in the Humble area to look after their leases. He was deputized by the Sheriff’s Department which enabled him to keep working in the area and look after the interests of the Texas Company. Lacewell and his family established a home in Humble, where the Texas Company furnished him with two big white horses and a buggy to use in his work.

The museum's George Lacewell exhibit contains many of his personal items donated to the museum by his family.

George Lacewell (1868-1936)

Revolver and Pocket Watch

Jailhouse Keys and Handcuffs

Winchester Rifle

38 wcf model (1892) Winchester Serial #322052 and powder measure (1890).