Doctors Exhibit

Dr. J. M. Manning, DDS, used this working x-ray machine in the 1930s and 1940s.

Dr. James W. Sandlin was educated as a physician, surgeon, and pharmacist in Tennessee and Texas. He ran the Sandlin Drug Store on Main Street, delivered hundreds of babies, and saved many lives in various tragic situations. He practiced medicine in Humble for 40 years.

Dr. Haden E. McKay, Sr. graduated from the University of Louisville Medical College. He moved to Humble in 1919, and served on the Humble ISD School Board in the 1920s. The bridge across Lake Houston, from Humble to Huffman, was named the McKay Bridge in his honor.

Dr. Haden E. McKay, Jr. graduated from Humble High School in 1926. then from the Chicago Medical School in 1937. He opened medical practice in Humble in 1938 and saw patients until his death in 1996. He served as a Major in the medical corps of the United States Army, and as the Mayor of Humble (1971-1995).

Dr. Carlo Panzarella moved to Texas in 1942. Dr. Panzarella moved his office from the McKay clinic to his home at the corner of Granberry and Old Humble road in 1943. He opened the Panzarella Clinic in 1944.

Dr. James H. Dameron moved to Moonshine Hill in 1915. He served in the Army Medical Corps, where he commanded a field hospital (1917). He opened the McKay Dameron Hospital (his cousin, Dr. Haden E. McKay, Sr.

Dr. John B. DuBose was a physician for the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1903. He opened his own practice in Humble and shared an office with Dr. Sandlin on Main Street. Dr. Dubose served as the first President of the Humble ISD School Board. He served as the first mayor of Humble (1933).

Dr. Carlo Panzarella (1910-1969)

Dr. Haden E. McKay, Sr. (1870-1949)

Dr. James H. Dameron (1886 - 1971)

Dr. Haden E. McKay, Jr. (1908-1996)

Dr. John B. DuBose (1876 - 1947)

Dr. James W. Sandlin (1876-1951)

Dr. McKay's Desk & Dr. Younts' Medical Bag

X-Ray Machine

Dr. McKay's Clock

Doctor's Exhibit