Fire Department Exhibit

One of the first firemen's hats of the Humble Volunteer Fire Department. This hat was used in the mid-1930s. Donated by the Humble Fire Dept, 1977.

Fireman’s Helmet- Eastex Freeway Volunteer Fire Department.

Fire Chief Emblem (Belonged to A. C. Whitney, Sr. Humble Fire Chief from 1948-1968. Donated by Allen Whitney 2015.

Humble Fire Department Emblem, 1940. Donated by Betty Baker, 1977

Fire Department Exhibit

The Humble Volunteer Fire Department was organized in 1935. Lee Hartley served as the first Fire Chief, with P.C. Cezeaux as the Assistant Chief.

The Women's Auxiliary Club of Humble was organized in 1939 to assist the Volunteer Fire Department in its Public Safety Program. Mrs. Gertrude Whitney was elected as its first president, Mrs. Margaret Randow vice president, and Mrs. Daye Scott secretary and treasurer. They took first aid courses as well as training in civilian fire defense after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. They also acted as block wardens during World War II. The Auxiliary disbanded around 1950.

In 1958, the Harris County building on Main Street housed the Humble Fire Department, the Library, City Hall, and the Jail.

In 1961, construction began on a new fire station on the west side of the railroad tracks. The firemen performed much of the labor to help keep down costs.

Late in 1974, Station No.2 was completed on Wilson Road, thus enabling the Department to house trucks on both sides of the railroad tracks.

In 1991, the Fire Department moved into its current facility located at 108 West Main St. This is the headquarters for the City of Humble Fire & EMS Department.

Fireman Helmets


Fire Uniform

Belonged to Bobby W. Young, Asst. Fire Chief, Humble Volunteer Fire Dept. 1964-1968.

M.S.A. Breathing Apparatus-Gas Mask

During WWII, the Office of Civilian Defense provided fire departments throughout the United States with these apparatuses. These were the first types of protective breathing apparatus used by the Humble Volunteers and remained the only such devices for 20 years.

What is the Office of Civilian Defense?

Started in May of 1941, this emergency war agency was asked to coordinate state and federal measures for the protection of civilians in case of war emergencies. Their protective branch was charged with special fire protection and provided fire departments with equipment such as this gas mask. The agency was terminated in 1945. The Office of Civil Defense, with similar duties, was established later.