Oil Exhibit

Baytown Refinery Hat: This hat was used at the Humble Oil Baytown Refinery.

Oil Field Hat: This hat belonged to Bud Jones. He came to Humble to work in the oil fields as a drill er in 1921 when Humble was a boom town.

This Humble Oil & Refining Co. timeclock was used at the Baytown Refinery during the 1940s and 1950s. The metal plate on the side reads, "H.O. & R. Co., 514, Baytown".

Humble Oil History



Humble Oil

The Humble Oil Company’s Baytown Refinery was first opened in 1919 and is currently the 2nd largest oil refinery in the US. It is now run by ExxonMobil.

10 Year Service Pin, Badge, Matchbook, Patches were items owned by Collom Allen Smith who worked at the Humble Oil Baytown Refinery from 1950-1984.

Pocket Knife: Humble Oil and Refining Co., Baytown Refinery- Fourth Safety Award was presented to Roy Herron in the early 1940s.

Tanker Truck Model: Plastic model of 1918 Humble Motor Oil 997.

1925 Highways of Texas Maps

Exxon and Humble Oil

Humble Oil and Refining Co. was founded in 1911 in Humble, Texas. In 1919, a 50% interest in Humble Oil was acquired by Standard Oil of New Jersey, which acquired the rest of the company in September 1959 and merged with its parent company to become Exxon Company, USA in 1973.

This commemorative stainless steel plate was part of a group of plates made by Exxon in 1972 for all US employees (this one for Jersey employees) when Humble announced its decision to identify itself and its principal products as Exxon. This is a memento of that event.

Exxon “It’s a Gas” Pin

Exxon Tiger Keychain: These keychains were given to Exxon Travels Club members during the 1960s. Mrs. Thelma Key worked for Humble Oil from 1943-1949.

Enco and Esso

Esso is a brand name for ExxonMobil and its related companies. The company began as Standard Oil of New Jersey following the breakup of Standard Oil. Esso is the phonetic pronunciation of the initials ‘S’ and ‘O’.

By 1972, the name was mostly replaced by the Exxon brand in the United States. The Esso and Mobil brand names are the primary brand names used by ExxonMobil in the rest of the world.

Neckties, Bottle Opener, Pocket Knife, & Esso Exploration, Inc. Playing Cards

Humble Oil Cap

Humble Service Station Hat & Jacket

“Yellow Dog” Torch

This double wick torch was used in the Humble Oil fields and belonged to Joseph Thompson’s father.


This microscope belonged to, and was used by, the donor’s father while working for Standard Oil. It was used to inspect failed pipelines, etc.

Lube Oil Can, Humble Oil and Refining Co., One Quart

Oil Tester Kit

Used to test oil from the oil fields.

Oil Artifacts

Spud Wrench, this type of wrench was used to build the old steel type derricks.

Gallon Oil Can (1871-1876)

Control Valve Sizing Rule: Slide rule belonged to a set owned and used by Jimmie Stedman.

Petrified Dinosaur Bones

Sometimes, unexpected things are found when drilling for oil. These petrified dinosaur bones were found in West Texas.

Rock Drill Bit

Owned by Phillip Cezeau Drilling Co. In the spring of 1959, this drill bit was used by Mr. Cezeau and Mr. Strong to drill a well on Old Humble Rd.