Sewing Display

Sewing Display

Singer Sewing Machine

Home Economics classes at Charles Bender High School used this Singer Sewing Machine. The Model 27 Singer sewing machine was one of the first sewing machines used in the Home Economics Department at the high school.

Button Jar Collection

Small Sewing Items

A Singer for the Girls “Teaches them to make clothes for their dolls.”

Advertised as not a toy, but a real sewing machine, the Singer Model 20 was produced between 1914 and 1922. This machine belonged to the family of Dan and Peggy Huffman.

Sewing Machine Oil Can

Eversharp Forged Steel Scissors

This thimble belonged to Mrs. Emma England.

Tatting Shuttle: A tatting is a type of lacework often used to make edging, doilies, and collars. This shuttle is over 100 years old and was owned by Lyda Seibert.

This rug puncher was used in the mid 1920s by Mrs. Laurence Handschuch.

Spinning Wheel

This is an upright single treadle wheel with a double wheel drive and it is not the spinning wheel of your fairy tales. This upright spinning wheel, sometimes called a Castle Wheel, has a flyer located above the wheel instead of to the side. It is more compact and easier to store. This wheel belonged to Dr. Haden McKay, Sr.

1930s Quilt

1930s Quilt made by the Methodist Church ladies. Each circle includes family members.

Fan Quilt

Fan Quilt made Mrs. H.E. McKay, Sr.

Granny Square Afghan

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Double Wedding Ring Quilt made by Adele Frank’s mother.

McCall's Pattern Book Catalogs from J. Grossman's